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Link to request with id 19-49719-497
No name available Link to request I would like to request a file of the Pesticide Use Reporting (PUR) data from January 1, 2019 thr... Agricultural Commissioner Nanci Bryant
Link to request with id 19-3319-33
PRA Coalition Link to request This request is being made jointly by KQED News, the Bay Area News Group, and Investigative Studi... County Administrative Office; Sheriff's Office; District Attorney Sean Quincey
Link to request with id 19-81319-813
Mark Wolfe Link to request Please provide the following documents referenced in Humboldt Wind Energy Project Final Enviromen... Planning & Building Suzanne Lippre
Link to request with id 19-719-7
Peter Bibring Link to request Request for Public Records Regarding Any Incident Involving Sustained Finding of Sexual Assault ... Sheriff's Office Melva Paris